Seminar History

Seminar History 2006 – 2016

‘Governing Genetic Databases: Collection, Storage and Use’

The papers from the 2006 to 2016 seminar series have been published as a special issue of the King’s Law Journal: (2007) 18(2) KLJ 201-312.

·Prof Timothy Caulfield (University of Alberta), ‘Public Perceptions, Public Trust and Biobanks: New Challenges and New Social Norms?’ (2007) 18(2) KLJ 209

·Prof Alastair V Campbell (National University of Singapore), ‘Biobanks: The Ethical Challenges’ (2007) 18(2) KLJ 227

·Prof Roger Brownsword (King’s College London), ‘Genetic Database Collections: For Forensics and For Research’ (2007) 18(2) KLJ 247

·Prof Deryck Beyleveld (Durham University), ‘Data Protection and Genetics: Medical Research and the Public Good’ (2007) 18(2) KLJ 275

·Prof Bartha Maria Knoppers, Ma’n H Abdul-Rahman and Karine Bédard (University of Montreal ), ‘Genetic Databases and International Collaboration’ (2007) 18(2) KLJ 291